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Keep it fun and flirty with this throwback line from the 1990s. Raise your eyebrows, display it proudly in your living room, and show it off to your friends for the smoothest vibe in town. Made with warm white LED neon light, this sign will keep you smiling for years to come.

No Worry!

Which contain:
Custom Neon Sign Board x 1
3-12V Variable Voltage wall plug x 1 (Brightness Adjustable)

Plug types available for EU, UK, US, AU. The cable is a 3 meter transparent cable so that you can easily and discreetly power your sign.

the average width for each character is 11cm, Please allow slightly different for total width.
Height in proportion to width.

Easy to Install
No installation, no set up for the sign, unpack the parcel and using like a table lamp or picture frame, just plug in and turn on! Also, we have extra installation kit if needed.

Dimmable Brightness
Trying to set the mood? With our dimmable signs you can decide just how bright you want the sign to be.

Doesn't get warm and noise
95% of the energy consumed by LEDs is transformed into light and only 5% into heat. Which means your sign will never get hot and don’t make any noise.

Low energy consumption
Our LED Neon signs are 80% more efficient than traditional neon signs. Meaning you can enjoy your sign without worrying about the bill for about 30 years (5h/day at full intensity ~ 50,000 hours)

Extra Resistant
We create our Neon signs using the latest LED technology, they are made of flexible tubing. Unlike traditional neon signs our signs are virtually indestructible, you don’t have to worry about it breaking.

Hand made to order
We make Neons to order. Whether it’s your custom creation, or one of our pre-designed neons, each piece is handmade by a specialist Neon artisan, especially for you.

Each of our signs comes with a 12-month guarantee and is insured during transport. You can rest easy knowing that we’re here for you.

Each sign is made from high quality neon flex and mounted to acrylic board. Our neon flex is made from PVC piping with LED lights inside, this technique gives the illusion of traditional neon with bright lights intense colors, while being more durable and at a more affordable price.

Hanging options :
Lay by wall: No installation, no set up, just lay by wall or bed.
Stand itself: by using advertising stander, make the sign stand itself.
On the wall : with extra advertising screws, strong yet discreet screws, that will allow you to securely mount your sign to the wall. You will need to provide some tools as you will need to drill holes in the wall. Installation typically takes between 10 and 20 minutes and is no more difficult than hanging a picture frame
Add Stripe if you don't want to make any holes to your wall.

Shop with confidence : - Please note, colors and shape may vary slightly from photo. Each sign is hand assembled for the best quality available.

We can help tailor the perfect sign for your special occasion. Contact us at support@turnonneon.com and we'll get back to you within 24 hours!
Recommended Sizes
Refer to the general size/style guide below to help with your order. Please note, this is only a rough guide and if you need more help please contact our team at support@turnonneon.com who will be happy to help!